Questions for Your Mental Health Provider

Reaching out for help takes tremendous courage, which is why it's important to learn more about your mental health provider during your initial sessions. Mental health specialist, Corey Shumate, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified (PMHNP-BC), with Ear To Ear Behavioral Health Solutions in Chicago, IL, encourage you to ask your mental health provider any questions you may have. Below are some commonly asked questions about mental health:

What Can I Expect During a Typical Appointment?

Understanding your mental health provider's approach during an appointment can promote a comfortable environment knowing that you're on the same page.

What Treatments or Therapies Are You Licensed To Provide?

Not all mental health specialists are able to prescribe medications, or offer support for specific disorders. For medications you may need to work with your Chicago, IL, mental health provider and a psychiatrist or physician. It's important for you to know if your behavioral health specialist is ready to collaborate with you, or other providers to find the best path for you.

What Is My Mental Health Diagnosis?

Don't be afraid to ask your mental health provider more about your diagnosis, or to have them explain it in plain language. Once you understand your diagnosis, you may have further questions about your treatment process or the next steps. You should feel comfortable to discuss any questions or concerns with your mental health provider when it comes to the support you're receiving.

What Are Some of the Risks and Benefits of the Type of Treatment I’m Receiving?

When beginning your journey coping with your mental health, you may find yourself wondering what the benefits or potential risks are when receiving help. Asking your mental health provider what you may experience throughout the treatment process can prepare you for your lowest and highest moments.

Learn More About Coping With Your Mental Health

Behavioral health specialists, Corey Shumate and Candace Blakey, encourage you to ask any questions or concerns related to your mental health when seeking treatment. Visit our mental health providers of Ear To Ear Behavioral Health Solutions in Chicago, IL, by giving us a call at (708) 586-8940, today.

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